Your Life is an Occassion

Your life is an occasion.  Rise to it. – Mr. McGorium’s Wonder Emporium

Being a single mom of two girls (14 and 12) can be trying.  Being a single mom of two girls and snowed in for three days may well be described as hell on earth … at times.  During a recent snowy weekend after having cleaned, laundered and baked myself into boredom my youngest and I decided it was time for popcorn and a movie.  

Before choosing I said to her ‘I don’t want to watch one of your silly little movies’ meaning one of the movies we’ve already seen fifteen times and I did not enjoy the last 15.  She grumbled okay, angry that the popcorn maker seemed to be broken and already bemoaning its absence. Then she perks up with the memory that we used to make popcorn in the pot and jumps at the opportunity to go old school.  This of course has her merrily tripping down the memory lane of movies where she lands on Mr. McGorium’s Wonder Emporium which at one point we watched at least once a week for about two years.

You know how sometimes you have to force yourself to pause and take in the magic that is everywhere and try to remember what it is like to be a kid.  This was that moment. EXCEPT as soon as she suggested it I knew this was just the magic I needed. From the opening credits, to the theme music, to the stuffed animals that just want hugs this movie and sitting on the couch next to my daughter who was eating caramel covered popcorn (yuck) reminded me why we do this work.

What we do isn’t just about doling out some creativity and happiness into the world.  What we do is build a magical toy store where everyone can not only be who they want to be, but find their own little bit of magic within and choose how to share it with the world.  I want to always feel like that kid in a magical toy store and hold a space where I can invite others in.

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