Gabrielle Senza

Earliest Joy

My most memorable bit of happiness was tracing the paw prints of a racoon in the soft earth near my house. I often found my happiness when hanging out in the barn with the horses and petting their soft muzzle and feeling their warm breath in the cold night air.

Favorite Artist

My favorite artist has to be Louise Bourgeois. Her sculptures of enormous spiders made out of bronze, and her stream of consciousness drawings stem from an imagination consumed with making sense of her experiences as a child and as a mother. They seem to be chiding reflections expressing angst and play simultaneously. I’ve always admired her no-nonsense attitude and intense commitment to following her vision as an artist, never succumbing to the drama and BS of the art world.


I’m moved by so many songs honestly, so that’s a hard question to answer!

My favorite band of all times is probably The Talking Heads – I love all their songs, but especially And She Was.

But the strongest memory I have of being moved by a song was listening to the Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet in b minor, Op. 115 for string quartet and clarinet by Johannes Brahms for the first time. It came on the radio just as I reached my destination and I just couldn’t get out of the car because I found it so captivating! I was literally moved to tears by its beauty and the range of expression and joy contained in the work! It makes me think of birds playfully soaring and dipping and playing together – especially the first movement. I love it!


Hmmm… A month long journey… Well this is something I do whenever possible. Rather than touring all through an area, I generally like to travel to a particular place and stay for a period of time, getting to know the surrounding neighborhoods, the people, the language, food, culture, etc.

A couple of years ago, I stayed in Berlin for three months ~ living in a converted grain silo! From there, I took some week-long trips to Istanbul Turkey, Liverpool England, a tiny town in Ireland, and Lisbon Portugal. I’d do it all again, but would like to stay longer in each place. I’d also like to have extended stays in the South of France and Tuscany.

Five Friends for Dinner

Considering I have the world’s smallest kitchen, I think I would either order in a bunch of really good Indian food or host a potluck dinner ~ but serve up some special cocktails and play Choose Wisely – a brilliant card game created by an old friend of mine in Sedona.

Change Playground

For the majority of my thirty year career as an artist and activist I have focused on addressing difficult subjects such as domestic violence, sexual assault, environmental abuse and discrimination issues. At the end of 2018, I made a commitment to find a way to bring more light, love and FUN into the world. And after talking it over with Tonyehn and bouncing around some ideas on how we could evolve our business, Change Playground was born! It feels more right than anything else I’ve ever done!

Life Changing Moment

When I was in high school, I had an experience that shook me to the core. On the very night I was compiling a list of all the colleges I wanted to check out, my house filled up with carbon monoxide. If not for a small string of intricately timed incidents ~ miracles, really ~ my family and I definitely would have died that night. After being dragged down the stairs and into the cold night air, I sat in my neighbor’s car waiting for the ambulance to arrive and thought, “Wow, if my life can be snatched away in an instant, I am NOT going to go spend another four years in school!” I wanted to go out into the world and live my life ~ so I did!