Who is Change Playground?

Change Playground is an art production and creative engagement team.

We are a diverse network of artists, musicians, innovators and makers who produce engaging art experiences, storytelling workshops, and thought-provoking performance lectures for a broad range of organizations.

With a commitment to building community through creative engagement and civic action, Change Playground offers experiences designed by change makers for change makers.

Founded by Gabrielle Senza and Tonyehn Verkitus, Change Playground is built upon 30+ years of creative activism, social practice art, non-profit leadership, and community organizing.

Our projects range from interactive art installations in unexpected places, to large-scale participatory wall drawings, to international mobile art projects, to supportive workshops on timely issues, and intimate one-to-one performances.

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Mission & Methodology
We Create Engaging Solutions Together.

We believe in the power of the arts to bring people together, build community, and uplift people’s spirit.
Our goal is to create a world where everyone feels included, inspired and in tune with the magic art and creativity have to offer.
Change Playground is committed to fostering innovation and creative solutions through music, art, story and play.
Our change makers thrive on problem solving. Let us innovate together to solve yours.

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What’s it like to work with Change Playground?
We start by identifying the challenge and ideal outcome for our client, then design art-based solutions using the best tools and approach for the occasion, along with one of our highly skilled creatives to lead the project.


First, the question: What’s your goal?
If you’re looking to inspire thoughtful action and conscious connection to what is happening in the world, you might ask:
> “Where can we find thought-provoking artwork to exhibit in our corporate offices?”
> “How can our company creatively demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment?”
> “What can we do to engage our students in civic actions for social change?”
> “Who can we hire to offer a powerful presentation on diversity and inclusion at our next conference?”

Whatever your question, we’re likely to have a creative answer designed specifically to meet your specific goals.
If you want to impact the world through community engagement and creative expression, Change Playground is here to offer a solution that works for you.

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